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Tourist Information System

The databases are protected by the law of the 1st July 1998 and the French copyright laws. Any use or extraction of items from the website that have not been authorised by the SPL are forbidden and punishable by law, under the offence of forgery.

Reservation Solution

The reservations system is managed by the Open System solution.

The Open System solution allows the SPL to sell their own products and services and those offered by third parties. The role of the Open System solution is limited to hosting announcements that have been published (texts, photos, etc.) by professionals directly or by local booking centres, or by the SPL for their own products and the services they manage.

Therefore, the SPL:

  • Shall not intervene in transactions between the buyer and seller, if the professional is a direct user of the solution. 
  • Can intervene in a transaction as an intermediate agent or for their own products. 
  • Cannot guarantee that the buyers and sellers will conclude the transaction and execute it.
  • Cannot provide any guarantees regarding announcements posted online, particularly with regards the ability of sellers, the accuracy of their announcements, and the quality of the products or services offered.
  • Cannot provide any guarantees for buyers, particularly of their ability to pay for the goods or services that they order.

In the above-mentioned cases where the SPL shall not intervene in transactions between buyers and sellers, they cannot be held responsible in the event of a dispute.

Any declarations, any offers of products or services to purchase via the Open System tool, are the responsibility of the author alone.