What did we like about Cherbourg ?

MS Rotterdam, 28th September 2012

The terminal is close to the town centre, the walking is flat, the shops are all quaint, and the cakes are so delicious !

Our ship made an unscheduled stop at Cherbourg. We had no way of researching the town beforehand, so my wife and I just decided to wander around the town centre, taking photos. This worked out well for us.

It was a short walk from the cruise terminal, passed the fishing boats and across the bridge. Being very early on a Friday, people were busy going to work and many of the shops were still shut. Of course, the bakeries and patisseries were open, and this was a good thing ! Is it healthy to eat macarons and meringues for breakfast ? I think so.

Gradually the shopowners unlocked their doors and put display items out the front. Florist always look good to anyone carrying a camera. We took over 300 photos as ce strolled beyond the pedestrian streets towards the large church and the statue of Napoleon. Then back along the waterfront - stopping 15 minutes to drink a coffee - and continued as fas as the railway station. We would have loved to visit the castle, but sadly our ship was leaving at 1.30pm.

Robert and Coralie Watson

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